Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tag from Paulien's Blog

Two names you go by: Sharon and Nanny

things you are wearing right now: Oh no, not a good time to ask this question as I have just got out of the shower........Let's just say a Robe!! LOL

Two of your favorite things to do: Scrap of course and spend time with my Grandchildren, Matthew and Erin.

Two things you want very badly at the moment: To see my two boys who live away from home; and have a whole week at home just to scrap.

Two Pets that you have or have had: My Silky Terrier Maggie who sadly died a couple of months ago and Jess who was a Blue Cattle Dog and who is no longer with us.

Two things you did last night: Sat here on the computer and watched "A Farmer wants a wife" on television.

Two things you did today: Went to work and ordered new stock; Cooked Rump Steak and Potato Bake for Dinner tonight.

Two things you ate today: A banana for breakfast and a toasted Ham Sandwich for lunch.

Two people you last talked to: Dennis (DH) and my friend Diane on the phone.

Two things you're doing tomorrow: Work again and I need to arrange a credit account with a Rural Merchandise company for our business. Oh and Matthew an Erin are having a sleep over with us tomorrow night....Woo Hoo

Two memorable vacations: In 2003 I went to the NOrthern Territory to spend some time with a friend I went to school with. Her and her DH run a huge cattle station and I had a blast. Last year I flew to Perth in Western Australia to attend a Scrapping Camp and met some of the girls from a scrapping site that I belong to.

Two favorite holidays: I love spending time with family at Christmas and New Year and we usually all go away together to the beach.

I will do what Paulien did and tag everyone who reads this blog.


Anna said...

It was fun reading your answers and getting to know you little bit better.

BTW I love the pics on the post before this one !!! So cute.

paulien710 said...

Thanks for playing Sharon!
Love to read your answers.