Thursday, June 28, 2007

Family coming home!!

Our boys are coming home this weekend, so it will be a nice change to have all of us together. Kimberley turns 25 on Saturday and I have to make sure the boys buy her a pressie. She is the mother hen when it comes to their birthdays so if they don't get her something she will crack!!! Of course one has already put it on go buy something Mum!!!! No chance baby, it's your job!

Going to visit my Grandmother on Sunday morning and taking Matthew and Bella (her two Great Great Grandchildren) for a visit. Grandma has Alzheimers but she has her good days, so we hope Sunday morning will be one of them. She love babies so we hope the visit will cheer her.

It is really cold here this morning, but I made sure the fire was lit last night. I've been walking around the house dressed like an eskimo for 3 days freezing my @#@##$ off, so I demanded that wood be chopped or I was cooking! It worked and I can dress appropriately today LOL.

Major house cleaning must happen today as well. Michael (oldest DS) is bringing his new girlfriend home for the first time and boy did I get some instructions thrown at me over the phone. Make sure the kitchen is tidy and the toilet and bathroom are clean etc etc etc. He even rang Kimberley to make sure she made sure I had everything spic and span!!!!!! Some mothers do hav' em!! Nothing like trying to make a good impression. I had better make an effort LOL.

I'll update on Monday and let you know how things went!!!!!

Have done a few new LO's in the last couple of days........this one of Dennis and Matthew I made with scraps. I traced a chipboard flower and added the buds freehand and then cut it out of CS. Just a simple one, but loved the photo.

Monday, June 25, 2007

I got a "Layout of the Week"

I recently joined My Scrapbook Nook, which is a US site and one of my LO's was featured as Layout of the Week. I am so excited to have my work featured on a site from overseas. A little happy dance happenin' here!!

Here's the LO.....

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm on holidays!!

It is so good working for Ed. Qld........I get all the school holidays!! Today is the first of two weeks.......sleeping in, scrapping, visiting friends, shopping, seeing more of Grandson Matthew, more sleeping in!!!!! Did some scrapping over the weekend (didn't really do much else!) I think I will do some more today as it is cold and overcast outside and not the going out sort of weather. Had a good weekend, went to Gympie to watch DS Liam play footy and apart from the cold it was good. He managed to get himself voted "Man of the Match" which was a boost as he has been injured for a number of weeks. Youngest DS Clinton turned 19 on baby is growing up!!! Here's a LO I did of him and his girlfriend.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Some exciting news........

A little bit of "happy dancin'" happening in my house this week..............I am now a Design Team Member for Acacia Paper Craft ( A wholesale scrapping business here in Australia) Spoke to the lovely Nicole yesterday and she gave me a brief rundown on my role as a DT and I can't wait to get started. My LO's and OTP project that I did for them as a Guest Designer have been photographed and ready for use in advertising. I saw a couple of my designs and LO 's in their latest newsletter and it was quite surreal seeing my name accompanying the pictures. This is just another step in my goal to be published more often and have my work out there for others to see. When I learn how to upload pics here in this blog...........soon I hope, I will be able to show you some of my work. OK......... I just worked out how to upload pics!!!! Above are the two LO's I did as a guest designer for Acacia Paper Craft.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Second time lucky!!!

This is my second attempt at creating my own personal blog.........I know, how hard can it be! For some reason I couldn't log on to my google account and.........well who cares. I'm here and lets move on!
Firstly, introductions are neccessary. My name is Sharon Suchoronczak, I am 45 years old and married to Dennis. We have 4 children, 25, 23, 21 and 19. We also have 1 very cute and handsome Grandson who at the moment is just 10 months old. Home is Murgon in SE Queensland Australia. I have lived here all my life and only now am I realizing what a great place it is to live.........funny I should say that, cause I have never lived anywhere else.........born and raised here! Sheltered life............maybe, but I am very happy. We are what people say, 2 hours from everywhere...........2 hours to Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg, Toowoomba, Hervey Bay etc. , and only 3 to Brisbane. This area is fast becoming a very popular tourist region and many people are making the South Burnett their home.

About me...........well I am currently working as a Teacher Aide and have been doing this for the last 17 years. When the kids were at school is was the perfect job (as in hours) they came to school with me and then home again at 3pm. Last year I took a break and worked in LSS (local scrapbook shop) which was great, but now I am back doing what I know best. Talking about scrapbooking.........this is my creative outlet...........I love scrapbooking. You will probably realize this if you keep reading my blogs in the future. I am a member of a few scrapbooking sites here on the web and through these associations I have made many new and wonderful friends. I am in the process of becoming a Design Team member with an Australian wholesale scrapbooking company and all this should become official in the next few days.........very exciting and a wonderful opportunity to get my my work out there for others to see.

What else can I tell you? I love solitude, its when I work best. I'm not anti social, just love being by myself! I love music, not that I can sing or dance or even hum very well, just love the music up loud. I love most music and no particular style, I can listen to most anything.
I am a sensitive quiet person..........cry at the drop of a hat (mostly watching TV......everything is real on TV, LOL) I am the comedy during a TV show for DH and DS. As soon as something even remotely sad comes on, their attention turns to me and my sooky tears. It's just me........

Speaking of DH, together we own a 200hec grazing block for cattle, a car smash repair business and 1 rental home as well as our own home (mind you we don't really own all of these things, the bank does, but we are on our way) Life is a bit hectic, but hopefully will slow down in a few years when some of the debt is gone!!! Sigh! We have been married for 26 years and have weathered lots of ups and downs but nothing major. I suppose it has been relatively easy going, we are different, but soulmates. Isn't that the usual way it happens? We are very happy sharing our lives and love, but we have never let go of our independence, which I think is very important and has kept our bond very strong......lots of respect and communication. It's not always like that, we've had our share and I am usually the communicator and he shuts off. But isn't that typical of a lot of men? Somehow we have managed to have success in our marriage and in this day and age (I'm being very realistic here) that is rare. We have reared 4 great kids who are all different but we are proud of them all. Enough of all this D & M, we are happy!!!

I should get myself away from this computer now and get ready for work