Thursday, June 28, 2007

Family coming home!!

Our boys are coming home this weekend, so it will be a nice change to have all of us together. Kimberley turns 25 on Saturday and I have to make sure the boys buy her a pressie. She is the mother hen when it comes to their birthdays so if they don't get her something she will crack!!! Of course one has already put it on go buy something Mum!!!! No chance baby, it's your job!

Going to visit my Grandmother on Sunday morning and taking Matthew and Bella (her two Great Great Grandchildren) for a visit. Grandma has Alzheimers but she has her good days, so we hope Sunday morning will be one of them. She love babies so we hope the visit will cheer her.

It is really cold here this morning, but I made sure the fire was lit last night. I've been walking around the house dressed like an eskimo for 3 days freezing my @#@##$ off, so I demanded that wood be chopped or I was cooking! It worked and I can dress appropriately today LOL.

Major house cleaning must happen today as well. Michael (oldest DS) is bringing his new girlfriend home for the first time and boy did I get some instructions thrown at me over the phone. Make sure the kitchen is tidy and the toilet and bathroom are clean etc etc etc. He even rang Kimberley to make sure she made sure I had everything spic and span!!!!!! Some mothers do hav' em!! Nothing like trying to make a good impression. I had better make an effort LOL.

I'll update on Monday and let you know how things went!!!!!

Have done a few new LO's in the last couple of days........this one of Dennis and Matthew I made with scraps. I traced a chipboard flower and added the buds freehand and then cut it out of CS. Just a simple one, but loved the photo.

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Adore your pop and me layout ... awesome.