Thursday, September 20, 2007

That's our Boy!!

Here is a pic of our second son Liam who played in the Sunshine Coast Rugby League A - Grade Grand Final last Sunday. Liam plays for Noosa and they defeated Nambour 44 - 18. This was the first Grand Final I have been to since Liam started playing for Noosa. We had such a great day and we were very proud. Liam scored two tries, but one was disallowed (they said he dropped it over the line, but he claims differently LOL) It was a bit of an eye opener sitting in the crowd to hear how much people dislike the Noosa Team (they called them silvertails) I just wanted to yell out and say "my boy is just a country kid from Murgon, nothing "silvertailed" about him!! But some people get so carried away with sport! You did good son!!!!

My week...........have had a wonderful bout of bacterial conjuctivitis all week....charming ailment I must say!!! The only plus is that I only worked one day this week! Also finished our last week of the scrapbook journey over at CPC, what a wonderful 8 weeks that has been. A special big thank you to my partner go girl!!!!! I am also on holidays now for 2 weeks, so hope to get lots of scrapping done.

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