Monday, September 24, 2007


Woo Hoo I am on holidays for 2 whole weeks! Holidays are extra good for me now as I don't have any kids home from school anymore!!!! Suckers!!! Although I will be looking after DGS Matthew for a few days, but that is so much fun. Today I plan to finish off my double LO I am doing for CPC's October designer kit!! and then............tidy up my scrap room. I thought about taking a photo, but I couldn't put you through the horror of it all!!! Yes it is that bad!!! They say that messy people are creative but I think my room is really pushing it!! I've done a few more LO's of Matthew (surprise surprise) and have been experimenting a bit.........quite happy with how they have turned out.

Next week Colleen and I plan to get together and make our SS gifts for the swap at CPC and a couple of other little surprises (RAK's) soI have to start planning that while Colleen is away AGAIN this week. OOHHH OOHH and only 3 more weeks before the wonderful Julie H and I fly out to Western Australia!!!!!! Our flights are booked so there is no going back now. I am so excited about the whole trip. So many people to meet and so much too see. We are stopping over in Adelaide for a couple of days on the way home as well.

CPC have a year long challenge coming up in November........52 peices of ME. It is a mini album, one LO per week about yourself. The girls have come up with categories and extra little challenges along the way. I haven't worked out what format I will be doing as yet. Have a look at some of the examples that some of the girls have uploaded they are fantastic!!


Inspire_Me said...

great pages Sharon!

Im so jealous you will srap at the rock :)

Raechel Gribbin said...

Oh you are such a tease about the whole holidays & not having any kids at home, my three are totally sending me bonkers at the moment & it doesn't help that hubby has been away for 7 days!!! If only you could see my scrapping desk it is so much in need of a clean up but every time I attempt it I just loose interest, I have had a layout on my desk for about 2 weeks that I just can't finish & the clutter is piling up around it LOL :) Enjoy you kid free holidays - I AM SO JEALOUS!!

Raech :)

kerry said...

Hi Sharon ,thanks for popping by my blog yours is great.Love your layouts ans your gs is so cute.Look forward to seeing more of your work.

t is for trackles said...

Hi Sharon! LOVE your LOs, thanks for sharing, you clever girl! Love getting your little messages on my blog, you are most welcome to the link, will return the favour if you don't mind! Only one day of school left and our kids are on holidays too - but so busy I think I'd prefer them at school LOL! Enjoy!
Trace xx

Ruthy said...

Hi Sharden,

I noticed you dropped by my blog, I was just saying to some EMMers yesterday how much I miss seeing you around and your gorgeous work. Did you enter the Masters this year or the ET because it would be fantastic to see work like yours out there getting recognized on a international level imo! thanks for dropping by, I'm the slackest blogger and i just hope blogger here lets me leave a comment for a change!1- Ruthy x