Sunday, October 7, 2007


Why is it that some people have such interesting blogs and mine.....are just ordinary, run of the mill, everyday blah???? I have been cruising around the land of blogs for the last week or so and I am astounded by the way some people can express themselves so well and make the most mundane things sound like "Heaven on Earth". Is it just a clever way with words or does taking the kids to the doctor get you giggling???? Some people can make me laugh by just reading their opening sentence.............God how I wish I could do that!!!! Not that I am out to be the Blog Queen of laughter, but I would like to think that there are some people out there that might look forward to reading about my everyday happenings and feel good after it!!! OMG that sounds like it should have been in a 'porno mag'. But you know what I mean don't you? There are just some great blogs out there that are so entertaining that I can't wait to go back and read the next instalment! Maybe I should just strive to improve and hopefully I can bring just a small smile to someones face and they might even have a little giggle later in the day when they think about reading my blog...........LOL!! That is just so lame isn't it???? It's such a sad thing to think that my blog is just one little speck out there in cyber space and who really wants to read it anyway!!!! Personally I think.......and I think too is just a great place to vent my thoughts and hopes and dreams and if no one else reads it then it is not really going to change the course of my life!!
Read on people and turn that frown upside down and put a smile on your dial!!!!!!

Now that I have go all that out of the way..........can't believe I just wrote all that!!!! Don't worry luvs it's just the stinking hot here today and I have to go back to work tomorrow after two weeks holiday!!!!! I shouldn't complain too day of work, then off to Brisvegas on the BOOB BUS and then half a day of work on Thursday and then I have two weeks off again!!! PERTH here I come!!! Had lunch with Julie last week and sounds like the girls have worked out exactly how we are going to be entertained while we are there...........I just can't wait. HOw many more sleeps is it??????
I made my Secret Santa pressie for CPC today...........can't post a piccie yet cause then it wouldn't be a secret!!!!!


Wendy said...

I agree with you. They write long amazing posts on normal everyday things. Me i say it in two lines and then end!!!

Raechel Gribbin said...

You are a crack up & I have often wondered the same about my BLOG, it's boring & I'm not very good with words like some people in BLOGLAND are... you put a smile on my dial, THANKS.

Raechel xox

Mrs Frizz said...

You've done your SS pressie already ... crikey ... you're on the ball ...

Well done YOU!!!