Monday, August 11, 2008

Memories of You Dad

This is my entry in the monthly challenge at To use white, yellow and flowers. This month the Cancer Council's Daffidol Day is held to support cancer research and I thought this was the perfect occasion to scrap this photo of my late Father and I on my Wedding Day. Dad passed away in November 2004 after suffering from Cancer and it was the hardest thing I have ever had to cope with. Losing a parent is more than just losing a relative, it is like losing part of your soul. Dad was so nervous and practised his speech everyday leading up to the Wedding and I remembering being so proud of him at the reception. His words are still with me 27 years later. Rest in Peace Dad, I will always love you.


Debbie :-) said...

Hi Sharon,
I adore this beautiful layout, and it's such a lovely tribute to your father!!Your blog is wonderful & I enjoyed the slide show!!
Thanks for leaving such sweet comments on my blog!
Have a joyful day!!!

annika5064 said...

Hi! Visiting from Sweden, found your blog on

I really like your style and especially your latest one, about your father! Take care down there!

Wendy said...

what a beautiful LO and a great tribute page too

Anna said...

What an amazing tribute to your father !

You have been tagged Sharon check out my blog.

phamil said...

I think this is just one of the sweetest pages! I love your blog! I'll be sure to come back and visit!!!!

Dana said...

What a beautiful layout! thanks for stopping by my blog.. I do hope to watch a sunset on your shores one day!!

Monique said...

Hi Sharon,
Love this tribute to your father! It's really beautiful! Last year my father had cancer too, but luckily he recovered. And what I remember most is being so terribly afraid of losing him (still am, to be honest)....
By the way, thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog! Funny to think that we are almost the same age, but your grandchildren are the same age as my youngest! Lol!
Have a great day!

Ewonne said...

Such a beautiful layout about your father, and big congrats to all your publications, I can understand that you're excited :)

paulien710 said...

Soooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
Love the colors, love this design and what a wonderful tribute to your father!
awesome page Sharon!