Saturday, January 10, 2009


Had a bit of time to myself again this afternoon and printed this photo of our neighbour Donald. Donald is a 70 year old mentally handicapped man and has been our neighbour for almost 20 years. I often look after him when his carers need a break. It is very hard to describe him but he has a gentle soul as well as being a little bit crafty if you don't keep your wits about you. He loves to help me when he is here and it is nothing for him to make me a cup of tea or sweep the floor. Mind you there is always payment required LOL......icecream and custard or his favourite biccie or cake. He is easily pleased and always tells me how good my cooking is......LOL!!! THis photo was taken on Christmas night when he got up and played his new guitar for us and sang a few songs. He can't really play, but to him it is music! His favourite songs are - You are my Sunshine and I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts!!! He relishes the applause and would play all night if he was allowed. Donald is certainly a character and always shares a smile!


Mrs Frizz said...

Donald is going to love seeing a layout featuring none other than himself ... what a wonderful page to scrap.

Kris said...

He sounds like a lovely man.. That is very kind of you to care for him as well! Love the layout!

Hannah said...

Donald sounds like a really lovely person. I love that you have done a layout about him - it is memories like these that really should be passed on to future generations, because they are so special.